Safe Online Games reviews

If you have young children, who play online flash games everyday, you have probably wondered many times how you could have any control over the games your kids play.

The online game review database

Our goal is to create a large database of reviews for thousands of online flash games, so you, the parent, can find the most appropriate games for your children.

We have a wide community of volunteer monitors, who go over hundreds of online flash games, categorize them and review them. We collect such information like the most appropriate age groups for each game, user ratings, screenshots and short video flicks showing what the game looks like in various stages.

all information on any game is organized in a review page, where you can find all that's relevant for that game. The games are organized by categories, just click one of the categories to find the games.

At the bottom of any game review page, you can find the link to the web-page where the game can be played.


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